Mini Motorhomes are best motorhome value on the road.

Mini Motorhomes | Best Motorhome Value

Mini Motorhomes for Vacation

With the rising cost of airfare coupled with a dubious economy, many families and couples alike are looking for alternative modes of transportation for annual vacations and short getaways. Mini motorhomes are one alternative a lot are willing to invest in. About one third the cost of a full sized motorhome they are fast gaining in popularity across America.

They are built on an automobile chassis, so are easier to drive and park than their full sized counterparts. The driver cab is similar to that of a full sized van, and sleeping quarters can accommodate up to six people. Classified as Class C vehicles, mini motorhomes still have the towing power to pull trailers, all terrain vehicles, boats, and even a typical automobile.

Mini Motorhomes not Limited on Features

Features include fully equipped kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, and audio-visual systems. Specialty dealers are likely to have many new and used models available to choose from. Alternatively, consumers often choose to custom order from a preferred manufacturer and have a unit custom built to their exact specifications.

As with any vehicle, consumers can save thousands of dollars by purchasing used mini motorhomes as opposed to a brand new or custom one. Frequently, owners wishing to sell their used units choose to do so themselves rather than through a dealer. The Internet and print classified ads are good places to look for a good used unit that is ‘for sale by owner’. Some dealers even take used vehicles on a consignment basis so a visit to one of them is a good way to see many mini motorhomes that are virtually ‘for sale by owner’ all at the same place.

When seriously considering purchasing a mini motorhome for the first time, it may be wise to rent one first. Renting and taking the vehicle on a typical family getaway will allow the consumer to ‘try before buying’. The idea of trying before buying is a prudent one given the cost of any vehicle today. Many dealers will be happy to one for you to try out. There are also companies that specialize in renting all types of recreational vehicles.

Owning a mini motorhome can be a wonderful choice for families and couples. Memories will be made on the many trips and vacations enjoyed in the vehicle. Purchasing a mini motorhome can be a sizeable investment, but with proper research and forethought, it will be a great one.

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