Mini Motorhomes are best motorhome value on the road.

Classes of Motorhomes

There are Three Classes of Motorhomes

The three classes of motorhomes are Class A, Class B and class C. Each class has carved its own niche as a favorite recreational vehicle or full time home for their owners and with many advantages. The class a motorhome is a bus type body on a large truck; the class B motorhome is a conversion van and the class C motorhome is an RV body on a van or pickup.

The different classes of motorhomes or rvs available has made selection easier for would be owners based on their needs or intended use for their motorhomes. Especially for those who choose to live in their motorhome on a full time basis. Owners of motorhomes have discovered an enjoyable carefree way of life that includes driving and parking their motorhome or recreational vehicle for a week, two weeks, a month or longer.

Class A Motorhome is the largest of the classes of Motorhomes

A Class A motorhome will always have at least one nice size bedroom and it will usually be placed at the back and is more or less committed to and limited to being used as a bedroom whereas the other areas may be for combination use. For additional people be they family members or visitors you will have a dinette and couch available that can be converted to sleeping beds. This may be a little more trouble on a daily uses but it is one of the many advantages available in the classes of motorhomes.

Of all the classes of motorhomes the Class A Motorhome is most preferred by couples that utilize them as a full time residence. Most will have huge windows and high seats in front that may require you to make custom but easily changeable adjustments that are most comfortable for the driver. This may cause a little extra effort but is considered a real advantage in the Class A motorhome for the excellent sight it gives you of the traffic ahead and it also contributes towards more safety.

The Class B Motorhome is convenience in classes of Motorhomes

Probably the best thing about a class B motorhome due to it being a conversion van is that you can pretty well park it anywhere you would normally park a passenger car. Most will have a roof that can be lifted up for added standing room and some will have a miniature shower and toilet. A downside to these classes of motorhomes is the lack of storage space to carry much fresh water. You may find this an inconvenience when traveling in the back woods areas for extended stays. The lack of space may also inhibit inviting some friends along for an overnight trip. The Class B Motorhome may not be the best choice to accommodate very tall persons because they may find themselves stooping over when standing. Space is very limited in these classes of motorhomes and most will agree there is not enough space to keep and store things for extended trips.

Class C Motorhome is very popular in Classes of Motorhomes

The third type in classes of motorhomes is Class C and it may be the most popular unit of all. They are also referred to as mini motorhomes or traditional RV and are medium size built on a pickup chassis. This type of motorhome is will most often take on the looks of a van and may be fashioned with a fibreglass body. The class C motorhome is ideal for families that want a recreational vehicle for short camping trips and vacations. Most are a fully equipped two bedroom apartment on wheels. The most common design is one bedroom across the back and a second across the front over the driver’s area of the vehicle with kitchen and living area in the middle.

Some may feel like the windshield area is a little small when compared to a Class A Motorhome but is will be the same size as a normal pickup or passenger van. However, when you compare the difference in price it is not nearly so small looking. This difference in price makes the Class C Motorhome more readily available to working families who live on a tight budget.

I believe when it comes to numbers and styles available you will find the Class C Motorhome to be far and away the most popular choice of all the different classes of Motorhomes.